Stacie Sheldrick

Business Development Manager

Property management is not a job for me, it is a lifestyle. I thrive on achieving the best outcomes for all of my clients and being part of their property investment journey.

My long standing commitment to my clients is an accurate representation of my dedication and knowledge within the real estate industry. Guiding investors to excel above and beyond their expectations motivates me.

I meet all difficult tasks head on. My direct and professional approach resolves issues with ease and efficiency. This makes for a stress free investment experience.

I will communicate with you to get things done with confidence and reassurance which will be backed by my extensive knowledge and commitment.

I take pride in my open and honest outlook on life both professionally and personally. I flourish on building long term relationships.

  • Elite (PIM)
    Elite (PIM)

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My Awards

  • Annual NSW/ACT - Top Business Development Property Manager - Dec 2021
  • Annual International - World Champion Business Development Property Manager - Dec 2021
  • Elite (PIM) - Oct 2021
  • Annual NSW/ACT - Top Property Manager - Jul 2020