Stacie Sheldrick

Deputy Department Manager

Stacie has had a long successful history in property management, commencing her career in real estate over 15 years ago. Stacie has achieved great success, after returning to work from maternity leave very quickly, re-qualifying for Captains Club in 2017.

Stacie embraces her role as Deputy Department Manager with the highest level of excitement, expertise and professionalism. Her shining personality is infectious, and people feel enlightened to be around her. She treats all people with respect and fairness, and she values the precious gift of life.

Her clients rest easy knowing that she will never back away from the hardest of tasks, and her thorough understanding of the legislation provides her with the necessary resources to achieve your desired result. Stacie builds relationships, and this is proven by her constant referrals from her past and present clients.

Stacie is an active member of the Property Investment Manager committee and offers up a lot of her time in assisting in the preparations of our successful meetings

In her “down time”, she enjoys keeping fit, and can be found running at the local park, playing touch football or on the soccer field. She also loves spending every valuable minute with her two children and family whom she holds dear, or with her long list of friends.

Stacie’s honesty and passion to succeed are the essential elements that will keep investors satisfied with her services. Stacie enjoys being part of the community, and is a strong supporter of a good cause.

  • Elite (PIM)
    Elite (PIM)

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