Tara Munro-Smith

Senior Property Investment Manager

I am dedicated and treat every aspect of my role with a high importance, my personal belief in the value of exemplary customer service is backed up by strong organisational skills, and a flexible attitude.

I enjoy interacting with my clients, and believe in humility, friendliness, and kindness. It is important to me that my clients feel heard and understood.

I will listen and take the time to understand a problem, and to come up with a solution that would benefit all parties in a fair and professional manner.

I strive to provide precise and relevant information. I am a careful and ardent listener, which results in me resolving issues and actioning requests with ease and efficiency.

I believe in caring for all walks of life, I see everyone as equal and I enjoy giving back, and helping whenever I see someone in need.

  • Elite (PIM)
    Elite (PIM)

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  • Elite (PIM) - Aug 2021